Mobile App Development

It all starts with a strategic vision, molds into solid mobile apps and eventually results in awesome user experience. As a seasoned digital agency, Webwingz hones even the itsy-bitsy user interaction details then how can we pay less heed to the ever-increasing handheld devices?
Gone are the days when mobile apps were just meant for big brands. Even startups and small businesses can now be handy to their customers with custom mobile apps and here we are, all set to build this fruitful digital extension. With a professional team of mobile app developers, we help our clients to launch polished, intuitive and immaculately performing mobile applications. Our app development squad know what you want and also what your users want and duly build the kind of apps that stand out of the crowd.

App for all

Since apps are being launched every now and then, do you wonder how to still grab attention? Rest assured, our app engineers know the art of creating perfect iOs and Android applications that achieve your business goals, efficiently.
iOS, Android or cross-platform, whatever is the platform, we ensure the user gets the best mobile experience. Our crafted apps are harmonised with latest features. We give our best shot to bring your app on App Store. We ensure you flexible, scalable and appealing mobile app that works seamlessly across all platforms and screen sizes. Irrespective to the platform, we strive to deliver high-quality apps that are totally bug-free. With a mobile-friendly business, you can reach your customers fast and reap amplified profits.
iOs app development
From the day Apple smartphone was introduced, until now, the phone has upgraded significantly and continues to transform with every new version only to offer best in class experience. To suit the finesse, we at Webwingz create iOs app that is reliable, scalable and cutting edge. Wireframing to deployment, we collaborate with client at each stage to craft tailor-made solutions that opens up a whole new avenue of opportunities.
Android app development

iOs is limited only to Apple but Android operating system work on variety of devices of different mobile companies. Hence app developed should match the unique requirements and have flexible user interfaces. There are over millions of active Android users, it’s really crucial and beneficial to make business accessible for them. High-performance and high-scalable mobile app development in Adelaide is our forte. We ensure that your online business makes equally great impact on every Android device.


Planning and strategy
Not every project can have same plan of action. A strategy which works for plotting one online business might not work for the other. Hence, our team plans hand-in-hand with clients and take the concept in the right direction. What’s your company goal, who is your target audience, how convenient it is to use, who are your competitors all such crucial factors will be considered before planning and respectively necessary strategies will be set up.
Design process
The bigger picture of your business will be splendidly set-out on the small screen. First impressions are always about visuals, especially when it comes to small digital devices, if it’s attention-grabbing then only users can take a forward move. At Webwingz, every minute visual element is meticulously designed keeping brand in mind. Our design process involves wireframing, crafting a business story, blending visual elements, adding finishing touches and eventually designing an alluring app.
Development process
Let your business walk along with your customers wherever they go. We create apps that not only look beautiful but perform incredibly too. It’s not just coding, it is the oxygen that injects life in designs. We are crackerjack in developing customised mobile apps that explicitly speaks for your brand. Perfect technology is picked and made sure the app is functionally ready. Backend platform operation is much focused as it is what is going to make a big difference in user satisfaction.

We craft bespoke
apps for

  • Startups
  • Promising entrepreneurs
  • Small businesses
  • Local businesses
  • Big companies
Innovative business idea or just kicked-off with a startup, mobile app is equally significant as website. We offer an ffordable and customised mobile app that helps you to reach your target audience and get your business widely recognised quite fast.
Small business
Get global recognition for your local business with tailor-made mobile app. Bringing business on smartphone is a smart move. Mobile app will help to attract and connect with your existing as well as potential customers and also build a powerful brand identity.
Large enterprises
Offer all-important brand information to your customers at their fingertips with sleek, intuitive and appealing mobile application. Big brands have to think bigger when it comes to business. Get the best mobile app designed for your business at Webwingz and be ready for the app-dominated future.

Mobile app development FAQs
answers to all your queries

How much does a mobile app cost?

There is no fixed cost for developing mobile app as it primarily depends upon the type of organisation, functionalities you require, platform and the design style. Commonly the mobile app development cost will be calculated: features × time taken (it may be hourly or number of working days).

What should we target iOs or Android app for our business?

The answer predominantly depends upon the demographics, your budget and target audience preference. On second thought, both platforms are important as almost all your potential customers use smartphone and are comparatively divided into iOs and Android users. So it will be wise to target both the platforms.

Is there any fixed or standard price of building an app?

Every app developed at Webwingz is tailor-made. We craft mobile apps as per customer requirements and company goals. We also make sure the app matches your budget. You can always call us or visit our agency to discuss your app requirements and get a quick quote.